BRGF District Annual Action Plan 2011-12
Summary :Gumla district of Jharkhand is lagging behind in terms of all-important indicators of social development, compared to national average. The major problems are low literacy level, poor quality of basic health care services especially in remote rural areas, safe drinking water, lack of livelihood promotion activities and food security problem.The plan is based on these lacunas.
Gumal SSA District Plan
Summary :To achieve SSA goals and targets, it is necessary to have an interaction with the community in planning process. SSA envisages the bottoms up approach to planning to the top down approach, as it reflects the reality at the grass root level.
Gumla Soil Analysis Report
Summary :This document shows the assessment and mapping of some important soil parameters including soil acidity for the Gumla district under the rational land use plan.
Gumla District Health Action Plan 2011 to 12
Summary :Recognizing the importance of heath in the pocess of economic and social development and improving the quality of life of our citizens
Agriculture Contingency Plan for Gumla
Summary :This document shows the agriculture contingency plan for Gumla district
Brief Industrial Profile of Gumla
Summary :This document shows the existing status of Industrial area in the district with details of existing micro and small industries potential for new MSMEs and over all scenario of the district.