Data on Key Economic and Human Development Indicators
Financial Outlays
Report of the Technology Advisory Group for Unique Projects
Summary :The Finance Minister in his Budget Speech of 2010–2011 had announced the setting up of a Technology Advisory Group for Unique Projects. The financial governance system calls for creation of IT projects which are reliable, secure and efficient. IT projects like Tax Information Network, New Pension Scheme,…..
An Economic and Functional Classification of the Central Government Budget 2012-1013
Summary :The economic division of the ministry of finance has been preparing an economic classification of the central Govt. budgetary transaction to make the budget easy and useful for economy analysis.
Report of the 13th Finance Commission
Summary :The Finance Commission of India came into existence in 1951. It was established under Article 280 of the Indian Constitution by the President of India. It was formed to define the financial relations between the center and the state. Till date Thirteen Finance Commissions have submitted their reports.
Grants of 12th and 13th Finance Commission
Summary :This provides the funds to be transferred to Indian states by 12th and 13th Finance Commission.
National Finances
Summary :These are the data tables on State Finances & Fiscal Indicators of the States & UTs.
Allocation of Central Assistance
Summary :This provides the total Central Assistance(Loans and Grants)- NCA, ACA for EAPs and ACA for Special & Other Programmes-2002-03(AP)
State wise Budget Details
Summary :NCA Allocation to States during 2002-03 to 2011-12