Good Governance Initiatives in Andhra Pradesh 2003  
Summary :This book is a joint effort of senior officials of Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) and Knowledge Managers of Center of Good Governance (CGG), Hyderabad. The case studies and papers documents in this volume are real time experiments and initiatives taken up by the various GoAP Departments.
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Report on Convergence Initiatives in India, An Overview  
Summary :This report highlights the innovative experiments and good practices happening in pilots' districts. It also documents the lessons learnt in the light of the interactions with stakeholders in these states.
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Entitlement Based District Planning In Bihar  
Summary :In order to ensure interregional and social equity, Bihar has started entitlement-based approach in planning and implementation of schemes.
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Jhargaon Convergent Planning for Decentralized Development  
Summary :The Jhargaon GOI-UNJPC case study is an experiment to achieve sustainable development at the local level through convergence and achieving Millennium Development Goals at the district level through Decentralized Planning and convergence of varied development programmes and schemes.
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Integrated Watershed Development Rajiv Gandhi Watershed Management Mission, Madhya Pradesh  
Summary :Rajiv Gandhi Watershed Management Mission is a success story of peoples participation to sustainable improvements in environmental conditions, irrigation facilities and land-use patterns through the RGWMM in environmentally degraded villages of Madhya Pradesh. The case study is a participatory bottom-up approach, in which communities exercise control over programme activities at each stage and government and non-government agencies play catalysing, facilitating and coordinating roles.
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Municipal Management and Capacity Building A Case Study from Punjab  
Summary :The restructuring of Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana (Punjab) is a success story in terms of initiating various reforms related to managerial capacity building and community participation. By adapting the reforms, focused on increasing work accountability, transparency and innovative e-governance techniques the MCL has emerged as an aspiring organisation bridging the gap between prevailing delivery systems and public expectations
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E-Governance for Information Dissemination Bhoomi, Karnataka  
Summary : Government of Karnataka has established a success story in terms of Computerisation of Land Records through a project called Bhoomi. This project, which aimed at creating an online updation of land records, was performed through Kannada interface software, appropriately named Bhoomi, which is user-friendly.
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Community Contracting in Rural Water and Sanitation: Swajal, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal  
Summary :Swajal case study is an initiative in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal that involved rural communities assisting non governmental organisations (NGOs) in planning, implementing and maintaining water supply and sanitation systems at the village level.
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IDDP Kollam  
Summary :Kollam district has successfully implemented integrated district plan. This is an example of participatory planning process
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